Throwback no1

By Živilė Dap - April 30, 2017

Hello! So weird, right? Two posts in two days from me haha.

Does this mean I am kind of back blogging? Kind of, I'm just here to share moments from my life, and as because of some problems from my wordpress, I lost pretty much all of my posts from the start of my blogging, therefore, I decided to share some of them again. And this was my first OOTD photoshoot :) Pretty much exactly a year ago.

I kind of went for a comfy top part and accent shoes, which were not so comfortable haha

One more fact, yes the vest was fur, and I still have it although I don't wear it anymore, as I am vegan, it's just a sentimental piece for me because it's made of something that used to be my mom's winter jacket. I wouldn't buy real fur myself anymore, but considering the amount of faux fur stuff that is available nowadays, who needs real fur?

All photos taken by the talented Mamoru Anzai

Not putting outfit details because none of these are available anymore

Thank you for reading xx

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