5 Sunglasses for Summer

By Živilė Dap - May 02, 2017

Hello! Now when the weather is getting warmer and we officially have less than 2 months till the first day of summer, I wanna share 5 ideas for new Sunglasses, 'cause let me admit, sunnies are one (or the biggest one) of my obsessions. All of these are from Classic Specs, and  you can find even more styles on their website. One more note: I do use affiliate links in this blog post, however all opinions are mine, and this post is not sponsored.

So let's see which ones are my favourite, and don't forget to tell me which ones you like the most!

No1. I mean just plain colour sunglasses are kind of boring to wear all the time, thus let's try more prints!

No2. What about some Navy Blues?

No3. What about some pop of colour with neutral color outfits? Or for those days when you just NEED to see everything through Pink Coloured Glasses.?

No4. Who doesn't love adding some Vintage-y feels to their outfits? I mean it's just a classic!

No5. Last but definitely not least. To be honest, I think this is my favourite shape!

Also, get FREE US Shipping!

Hope you enjoyed seeing these, and hopefully at least one of these will be your choice for the summer!

Take care xx

*This post is not sponsored, but I use affiliate links.

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  1. Let me know which one is your favourite!

  2. I want them all. But if I must choose, I like the rose lens and the first one!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  3. can.never.have.enough.sunglasses!!!



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