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By Jill & Martynas - May 13, 2017

Hello! 🌸

Is there a person in this world who have never watched Friends? Hmm, I don't think so. A few years back we all thought 90s fashion was hideous but guess what. Go into the street and look around. It's 2017, and today's fashion is a mix of ALL decades. Literally... You know they said everything comes a full circle and becomes fashionable again. So true! Although it used to be a trend or two, but nowadays it's perfect because we can mix and match all trends, pretty much throughout the history, well maybe except for those fancy and big AF middle age dresses and stuff, but when talking about 1900s' decades, most of it is acceptable today, and not only that, it's fashionable

Coming back to Friends, as I mentioned, after the decade, we all though 90s fashion was so 'ugly', but let's take a look at our favorite TV Show cast outfits, and today's star is Monica, and here is

7 outfits inspired by Monica Geller!

This is just a simple casual but a very cool look for pretty much everyday wear, or school/college. Those Mom Jeans make all the difference and give this look and extra plus.

Cream Floral Dress from Lulus

Although Monica wears a maxi dress in this look, I found it more summer-ish for the dress to be shorter! Just add your favorite flats and you're good to go!

Sports Bra from Nike
Gym Shorts from Missguided
Zip Up Hoodie from Amazon

Did you know that one of the best motivations for fitness is actually dressing up in athletic wear? I've heard this somewhere, and it totally works for me! So if you need new pieces or looking for some inspo how to still look cool while wearing sportswear, Monica Geller comes to rescue (and me a little bit). 

White Sneakers from Etiko 
Hawaiian Print Shirt Dress from Lily Boutique

While the print on the dress is different (and the colour obviously), but the style is very similar, and I find this super cute! I'm obsessed with dress+sneakers combo, and this vintage-look to it makes even cuter!

Red Scarf from Amazon
Black Ruffle Coat from Storets
Black Highwaisted Jeans from Ami Clubwear
Chic Black Mid-Calf Boots from Lulus

This one is for those of you who live in places like me, where it's the mid May and it's still cold... or for those of you who think ahead and start getting inspired for Fall/Winter fashion (wink). All black with a pop of red. tadaaaam, thanks Monica!

White Lace-Up Sneakers from Beed&Reel
Grey Turtleneck from Make Me Chic
Ripped Stone Wash Denim Overall from Make Me Chic

I love how overalls are fashionable again. And it's one of the easiest fashion pieces to style, and Monica Geller suggest a great, casual and very comfy inspiration ✌🏼

Mom Jeans from Asos
Watch from Lulus
White Sneakers from Lulus

For the end, the outfit that I, personally, favour the most! This is what I would totally go out in at the moment. I'm currently in love with styling men tops/shirt/hoodies etc. 

After these 7 outfits, we can come to conclusion that Monica loves white sneakers. haha

Thanks for reading, let me know which outfit is your favorite!



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