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By Jill & Martynas - May 30, 2017

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Hello! 🌸

How's your Tuesday so far? Well mine is great! Not only because it's literally June in a few days, but because I get to share a new addition to my closet!

The last time (before this) I bought sneakers was Boxing Day 2015, and I consider that A LONG FREAKING TIME AGO thus my hubby treating me with a new pair delighted me very much!

And I've been looking for a nice, black and comfortable pair for quite a few weeks. I tried Adidas, Nike, Reebok, but couldn't find something exactly what I wanted until we randomly went to Designer Shoe Warehouse and I started scrolling the Isles, and after trying 6-7 pairs just gave up and went to see what Martynas found. And as he found a great pair of Nikes, I started walking around Men's section since you can find a lot of unisex sneaker pairs, and I came across a perfect pair of Puma sneakers. Tried them on and loved it! But before leaving the store, we decided to go once again to women's side and see if they have the same ones in 'women's' style, and we actually found them, not amongst sneakers though, right (almost) at the front of the store, the only difference between the two pairs was that women's were black & white, and men's pair was black & (slightly) grey-ish. I decided to go with a classic B&W and I am in love with my new PUMA Enzo Shift  Women's Sneakers

And I'm just now realizing that these sneakers' 'name' is the same as my dog's 😂

Puma Enzo Shift Black and White

Shop PUMA Enzo Shift and similar styles

Thank you for reading! See you tomorrow xx


I purchased this pair with my own money, and this post is not sponsored

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  1. I love these sneakers! I can't wait to see how you style them! <3

    1. They're so comfy! Already have a huge styling post planned, so stay tuned! xx

  2. Beautiful sneakers you got there! I love to wear sneakers too especially with the athleisure trend being big right now.

    Jessica |


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