Your Guide To Getting Ready For Your Homecoming

By Jill & Martynas - June 12, 2017

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Peaches Boutique Dress

Homecoming, in many ways, is like getting ready for a humongous trip. There are tons of preparations to be done. Here’s the good news: our guide will help you get ready in no time at all!

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Peaches Boutique Dress

Get the Dress

First things first, you need a dress. Choosing the perfect one can be a time-consuming process if you’re not sure what to do. But, take a look at the stunning selection of homecoming dresses for 2017 from Peaches Boutique, and you will have your ideal dress in no time at all.

Book Your Beauty Appointments

If you are going to get your hair, nails, and tan done professionally, you need to realize that salons can book out quickly around homecoming time, so be sure to book your appointments early to guarantee a slot – you may also want to book a trail appointment a few weeks before homecoming. Here’s an important tip to remember: when you book your appointments, make sure you book around an hour or so for the appointment as it may take a little longer than you think and you really don’t want to rush getting ready for this very important night.

Work Everything Out Before the Night of Homecoming

Way before homecoming, make sure you know what will happen on the actual night including pre-dance photographs, dinner, the dance, and the after part. Don’t forget to book transport and make sure you know who is going with you and who is sharing the costs.

Decide What You Want to Do After the Homecoming Dance

Your very special and well planned for night really doesn’t have to end at the homecoming dance – the night is still young! So, try to make plans with your friends, be it getting together at someone’s home to watch a movie or two, sitting around a bonfire creating memories, or just heading off to a diner for pre-dance snacks. Just do whatever you are able to, in order to make the night one you will never forget.

Decide What You Will Take to Homecoming with You

Forgetting to plan what you want to take with you to the dance will help you to avoid taking unnecessary items and make sure you remember everything that is important for a successful night. You only need to take the essentials with you, really, like your keys, camera, purse, and phone. You may also want to take along lipstick, since it will fade during the night. Don’t forget your ID, too, and your homecoming ticket, as well as enough money to see you through the night. You may want to take a few mints, too, just in case you need them!

Don’t Forget to Find a Date

Don’t forget to have your date all set up – especially if you want to coordinate outfits in advance.

Remember to Enjoy Your Dance

When you head off to your homecoming event, the most important thing is to have loads of fun. Bring a smile, plenty of humour, and all that excitement, and you are sure to make it a night to remember. 

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  1. Great post, these are wonderful tips! Homecoming is so much fun. Love the dress in the picture above.

  2. What an absolutely stunning dress! Love it!. Wish we did the whole 'home-coming' thing here in the UK; good excuse to get all dressed up and celebrate!

  3. This dress is so gorgeous! I remember Homecoming. I had a lot of fun. Sometimes I went with a date, sometimes I just went with friends. We never coordinated though. I'm not a coordinating kind of person.

    1. It's never too late to start improving!

  4. Great tips, adding more fun and confidence to homecoming. Love that cute dress.

  5. Great dress in the pic! Homecoming is such a big event. :)
    Alicia P.

  6. Great dress and you look lovely. Great tips for a homecoming.

  7. Absolutely loved the dress .It's super gorgeous. Good tops too for homecoming !

  8. How Fun!! this dress is absolutely gorgeous! :)


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