Canada Day in Ontario Place

By Jill & Martynas - July 09, 2017

Canada Day 2017 #Canada150

Hey! Let me share these photos from our Canada Day evening in Ontario Place. This park re-opened a few weeks ago prior, and I expected it to be much more better, however nothing pretty much worked. 

The weather was nice therefore we got to walk around, take some photos and film for a bit, and then left to downtown for fireworks.

Canada Day 2017 #Canada150

Also, how cute are our matching (kind of) tops? He he, we got so many compliments during the night! (Like 50 or 60 people stopped us just to say how cute/cool we look! yay). Why am I so happy about this, you ask? Because I made them! Therefore, they're extra special! And my hubby was so proud wearing his T-Shirt that he didn't even care we're matching! Hahaha

Canada Day 2017 #Canada150

(Yeah, not the best facial expression, but he was happy, I promise! He just doesn't love photos being taken of him!)

Canada Day 2017 #Canada150

Thanks for reading! See you next time!

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  1. Happy Canada day! It's so beautiful there and I love your matching shirts, cute!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  2. Happy Canada day, it sounds like you had fun. Your photos look really good.

  3. Love your post dear ♥
    If you want check out my blog.I write about fashion,beauty and lifestyle . Maybe we can follow each other and we can be great blogger friends !

  4. This seemed like a fun trip!

    1. Indeed it was! Did you see the video? :)


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