Pumpkin Fest

By Jill & Martynas - November 09, 2017

Goats at Pumpkin Fest

We don't have (at least we didn't) Pumpkin Festivals in the fall in Lithuania, so attending one was a dream of mine since I'm such a sucker for all things fall!

It's my third year living in Toronto already, and two years in a row my plans on going to one slipped, thus this year, since my Grandma has been visiting as well, I couldn't not attend it again, so we just put on the rainboots, sat in a car and drove. For like 20 mins lmao. 

We decided to go to Downey's Farm this year, and it was great! They had TONS of Pumpkins, house wines, grocery market, food trucks, lots of attractions for kids, like fake cow milking, trampolines, bike riding, human size hamster wheel, corn maze, tractor ride, and so on. My favourite, however, was animal petting. I love animals so much, whether it's a dog or a cow I just feel such a connection, probably one of the biggest reasons I'm vegan now. It just made me a little sad to see that these animals are portrayed as farm animals only, and nothing else, but they're not any different from a cat or a dog that we see in every other household, thus I spent a good 45 minutes just cuddling every one of them, and talking to them. I hope it made them feel better!

Pumpkin Fest in Ontario

My Grandma and me surrounded by a thousand of Pumpkins!

Pumpkin Fest in Ontario

How cute does my husband look in this photo? 😍

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  1. That pumpkin patch looks so cute!! I love it.


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