New Habits to Acquire in 2018

By Jill & Martynas - February 01, 2018

How to be successful

My goal for 2018 is to become a happier person with better habits that lead to success. These habits are kind of divided in three categories which are productivity, physical health and mental health. I focus with each habit starting from the top two weeks each. So I started 2018 with waking up early, and focus only on this habit for 14 days. Why? Because I've "tried" changing my life at once quite a few times before, and it was too overwhelming after a few days, so this time I thought I'd take it one step at a time. So first two weeks were dedicated for productivity and waking up 5:30 - 6 am
On the 15th day of my journey I started taking my vitamins daily, which helps with my physical health, and also I was waking up early. 28 days = 2 new habits. You get the drill, every two weeks implement a new habit but continue the ones you were implementing before. At the end of the year, you have 26 new successful habits that give you energy, joy and lead you on a path of the life you're dreaming! Maybe you're going to take this list and use it for your life, if not, I encourage you to make your own list, and starting this technique, it works wonders!

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