Key Signs You Are Dealing With Genuine Sterling Silver

By Jill & Martynas - March 05, 2018

Whenever you come across silver jewellery online advertised as being sterling, it’s always best to do some digging. Even though considerably cheaper than gold or platinum, some items still come with a heavy price tag. This is why knowing the key signs of authentic sterling silver jewellery is key so you can know exactly what you’re buying. 

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Firstly, it helps to buy from a reputable jeweller who has a good standing in the industry. For example, you can purchase a range of authentic silver jewellery from Silver by Mail. They have a team of helpful, knowledgeable staff that can reassure you before you buy. 

Identifying Authentic Sterling Silver 

You want to avoid being scammed and connected, especially when buying something costly such as jewellery. We will now share the main differences between fake and sterling silver jewellery so you can identify both clearly. 

  • Authentic 925 sterling silver will normally contain just over 90% worth of pure silver. The rest will be made up of other metals such as copper. 
  • Silver plated items are not real silver through and through. They simply have a coating of silver placed over another metal. These can be scratched easily and the piece will often lose its silver coat very quickly. 
  • When you do a magnet test, 
  • silver and gold aren’t magnetic. This means that, when you place a magnet nearby, they will not pull towards it. If you do find it being attracted to the magnet then put it down as it’s not authentic silver. 
  • You should be able to see identify marks or a symbol to prove it’s authentic. The mark you might see could be ‘925’ which is a clear signal you are dealing with sterling silver. However, don’t get worried if you do not see the sign. It could very well still be authentic. However, it just means you might have to do some extra digging to find out. Official stamps are a great sign though when it comes down to identifying real silver. In case you have issues with the jewellery, you can find the seller’s contact details and discuss the issue with them.
  • Rub the item with a smooth cloth, normally white. Black marks should appear to symbolise its authenticity. The reason for this is that real silver oxidizes when coming into contact with the air. You will find that with items of pure silver jewellery you have had for a long while with have a black tinge due to this fact. 
  • It should be more expensive in price generally. If you see something that’s too good to be true then it probably is. Real 925 silver is more expensive than its counterparts so take some time to source out the real deal. 

These are all great, sure-fire things you can look out for which will save you lots of precious time and energy. By doing these tests, you won’t have to get an evaluation from a professional yet still have peace of mind before buying.  

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